Sleep Questionnaire

Child’s details

Your child’s sleep information

Milk and your child’s nutrition

Child’s temperament

Please answer following questions about your child and hisher temperament. It is very important for me so I can recommend suitable methods in line with your child’s temperament. Try to avoid neutral answers (something in between).
Which of these milestones has you child reached? (yesno)
What is the best way to calm down your child? When heshe is crying what works for himher even if just for a short while? (please answer yes – no)

Your issues and goals

You can have more goals.
For example: pram, cot, sling - if it is not supposed to be the cot, then choose a way that you prefer which guarantees enough sleep for your child – otherwise I recommend the cot

Parents description and their temperament, opinions

Questions about mummy

Please describe below your current 3 days. Please fill in time, sleeps, feedings with milk or solids (if applicable), bath time and everything you consider to be important. Example: 06:00 getting up and breastfeeding 07:00 breakfast 08:30 sleep (30 min) etc.